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the one specializing in the production of iron, aluminum lid manufacturers, the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, its products are widely used in various cans, beverages, food packaging. Now products from 52.3mm ~ & Phi; 126.5mm a total of more than 130 kinds of easy-to-pull products, at the same time be able to according to customer's special requirements, development and production of a variety of special-purpose easy to pull.
Since the establishment of the company in 2004, quality priority, people-oriented, customer-oriented objectives, the scale of enterprises continue to grow and develop. Now due to market demand, more stringent product requirements, in order to better create a corporate brand, enhance corporate visibility and expand the scale of exports, the company started in 2011 to prepare for technological innovation, equipment, product upgrades, completed by the end of March 2013 Equipment updates, adding three leading domestic imports of automated production lines, a total investment of 30 million yuan, of which two for the MINSTER automatic line, the other for Taiwan's most advanced INCYU & # 183; APEX-125 automatic line. Three automatic production line with an annual capacity of 800 million tablets, with the original equipment capacity, the company's production capacity to reach annual output of over 1 billion tablets, the company insists the product quality and credibility of the corporate life of this concept, while focusing on the national Sexual, regional packaging industry product fairs, trade fairs for corporate product promotion, the company easy to pull the lid by more and more customers.

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Addr: Xiaxin Road,Jiedong District,Jieyang,Guangdong,China
Tel: +86-663-3279461  Fax: 0086-663-3277962
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